AC02 - Personalized Divine Number Necklace


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  • Sterling Silver
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  • 14k yellow gold or rose gold plated available
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Every single individual has a connection to spirit and the spiritual realm. Angels don’t communicate in words. They communicate through the language of the Universe, numbers. Numeric sequences aligned to specific energetic frequencies, each one a messenger carrying important wisdom you need right now. Through number sequences, your angels also activate light codes necessary to support your soul’s development. When you notice an angel number or sequence of numbers, you become conscious of your own evolution. What a powerful way to track your spiritual progress!

1111 : Energetic gateway has opened up for you; a Loved one is there showing you the sign and support that you need. There is an opportunity opening up for you, and your thoughts are manifesting them into form at lightening speed

222: You are beloved – your other is always there, in spirit or human form. Seek what is missing from your life, for it is also seeking you. Seek balance in duality and find healing in union with “the other”.

333You are capable of overcoming any obstacle in your path. When clouded with doubt remember all the miracles (small or large) you manifested. Cultivate a sense of wonder and let it carry you through periods of struggle and hardship.

444: Surrender your fears and trust that the universe is supporting you, encouraging you, and providing the structure you need to create what you desire. Give thanks and leave room for the universe to work its magic on your behalf.

555You are attracting prosperity and wealth; keep your arms outstretched to continue receiving and integrating. At times you will be called to sacrifice in service of the greater good. Remember to trust that your angels are always giving you extra support.

666: You are a peace-bearer on a quest for truth and deep connection. Your empathic ability to heal others also helps you understand your own trauma and grief. Choose to provide care and kindness over service and sacrifice

777: You have come full circle on your sacred soul path toward wisdom and truth. Keep going! Your relationship with Source is stronger and more meaningful now.

888: Abundance is your birthright! You naturally attract prosperity and find it easy to magnetize money and opportunity to increase your wealth.

999A cycle is ending and subsequently, a new cycle is beginning. You are here to help others ascend to higher levels of spiritual awareness.