Chakra Wall Hanger | 7 Stone Crystal Hanger

Bri'More Bliss


Beautiful Chakra Stone Wall Hanging - 7 Tumbled Stacked Chakra Stones

Each stack is held together with black knotted thread to align in a stack. Great addition to your special space!

STOCK PHOTO. Each Stack of Stones will vary slightly in size and characteristics*

Stone Stack Measures approx.: 6.5-7.75" tall x .5"-1" wide
Hanging Length approx.: 10 -12"

Adjustable to Hang anywhere in your Home, Car or Office!

Seven different gemstones are aligned representing the seven chakra points.

Clear Quartz | Amethyst | Sodalite | Green Aventurine | Yellow Aventurine | Carnelian | Red Jasper.