Cowry Shell Necklace | Gold-filled

Bri'More Bliss



Beautiful 24K Gold Dipped cowry shells on a stunning 16" box/paperclip chain for some extra bliss.

Each of these natural shells was hand collected in Hawaii(never a live specimen)

Made by Flotsam & Co. 

Through out history and the world, the cowrie shell was known as the most successful form of currency and has symbolized wealth and fertility. 



In African Culture and Spirituality 

Cowrie is a popular West African adornment; for centuries the shell has been used as a protective charm by indigenous tribal warriors and it is incorporated into jewelry, worn in the hair, and used to decorate statues, masks, ceremonial costumes, and baskets.

The slit where the shell curves inside of itself has been said to look like a black pupil, making it popular as a symbol of protection against the evil eye. 

Communities use cowrie shells as divination tools for traditional spiritual practices. Cowrie shells are believed to be connected to ocean spirits and protection.