Dendric "Moss" Opal Beaded Bracelet | 8mm

Bri'More Bliss


Connect With Higher Self

Dendritic Opal is an extremely balancing stone when it comes to spiritual growth.  Known as a Shaman Stone, it allows the carrier to explore the deeper universal energies to carry that back into the normalcy of life. It balances yin and yang energies, integrating the divine feminine and divine masculine. 

Perfect crystal for those beauty-ful souls on their spiritual journeys 

Dendrite | A term used to describe the plant like tree inclusions found in some Opals. This beautiful milky white to beige, to even pastel purple, has dark black moss like growths due to the presence of manganese oxides or silicates.

Stretch Beaded Bracelet Measurements:

8mm | 7 inches un-stretched 








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