Glass Evil Eye Pendant | Protection

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Blue Evil Eye Adjustable Necklace 
2-sizes available
 Turkish Evil Eye 🧿 - Handmade glass Amulet

Small 25mm - 20in adjustable flosh rope

Large 45mm - 26in adjustable flosh rope

Since the evil eyes are handmade, there may be 1-2 millimeters difference in size.

material: Glass evil eye , Flosh rope (no metals)


The symbol and superstition of the evil eye are one of the strongest symbolic images in the world. However, despite the evil eye differences in various cultures, the evil eye keeps roughly the same meaning. 

The evil eye is a spiteful glare essentially. It can be cast on anyone by a jealous person who believes that the other person does not deserve the life/item (whatever they are jealous of) they have. Evil eyes are thought to be expressions of harm, pain, or some form of misfortune to those who are. 

To thwart the evil eye, the Turkish evil eye was created. The point of the amulet is to repel evil spirits and keep you safe from harm. So, it is not to have good luck; it is all about protection.  Over time, the charm will wear and crack. This isn’t a bad omen. It means that the beads have done the job, and you’re safe. As soon as the bead breaks, you’ll need to get another one to replace it and keep the protection to be sure that the evil spirits don’t come back.

This elegant cord evil eye necklace fits comfortably on anyone. rope size can be adjusted. You can choose the size you want.