Heart Chakra Sage Bundle | Colored Flowers + Sage

Bri'More Bliss


Five Variations to Choose From 

listing is for one(1) Sage Bundle featuring colored decorative flowers 💐 


White Sage with an array of colored flowers bring a positive energy, open the heart chakra and calms the mind.

it’s soothing relaxing Aroma can be used to aid meditation or burned simply for enjoyment. 

Choose from: 

  • White Sage w/ Red Dollar Eucalyptus, Cloud flower, and Purple Sinuata Flowers 
  • White Sage w/ Bougainvillea Glabra “Paperflower” 
  • White Sage w/ Blue Sinuata Flowers
  • White Sage w/ Orange Sinuata Flowers
  • White Sage w/ Six Chakra colored cloud flowers