Love Crystal Mist

Open Heart Apothecary


The Love Crystal Mist blend is sweet and floral. 

The Love Crystal Mist is designed to vibrate on an energetic level of pure love. With a rich scent of rose, citrus, and vanilla, this blend will deeply nurture the heart with unconditional love.

Spray generously on and around your body to create sacred space, nourish the emotions, and heal the heart. Use as an aid for meditation, daily wellness routines, yoga, and other spiritual practices.


Ingredients: Rose Quartz Crystals, Purified Water, 100% pure essential oils of Rose, Ho Wood, Vanilla, Blood Orange + Rose Geranium.

These all-natural mists contain authentic gemstones inside the bottle.


2oz frosted glass spray bottle
Every bottle comes packed inside a beautiful watercolor box to keep it safe for shipping and transport.