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Rose Quartz is Known as the “LOVE STONE,” It’s loving energies help to enhance self esteem, balance emotions, and promote love in all situations, enabling us to see good in ourselves and in others.

In my option it is the most important crystal for healing the heart and heart chakra (hence why I choose to gift this item in most orders)

Releasing unexpressed emotions, heartache, and feelings that no longer serve you, while at the same time opens the heart center so that you can become more receptive. Rose Quartz is great for teaching and invoking self love, self worth, and self trust. 


The octahedron is a three-dimensional, self-reflecting shape and is represented by the element of air. Linked to the Heart Chakra, the center for love and compassion, use to attune and amplify during self-care.

Grab yours while you can! 


A-Quality Rose Quartz with natural colors from a very light pink to a rich pink containing white markings and veins throughout.

Choose from either ROUGH or POLISHED Octahedron Shape 

Rough Rose Quartz: 2 to 3" in size


Crystal System: Trigonal
Chakra: Heart and Higher Heart
Number: 7
Zodiac: Taurus, Libra 
Planet: Venus


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