Smudge Kit | Abalone + Palo Santo

Bri'More Bliss


Kit Includes:

(1) Mini 3-4" abalone shells

(1) Palo Santo 

(1) Smudge stick 


Eucalyptus | Healing ~ Protection ~ Purification 

Blue/Or White Sage and Lavender  |  Healing ~ Soothing ~ Purification 

Rose Petals and White Sage  |  Love ~ Affection ~ Purification 

Peppermint and White Sage  |  New Beginning ~ Prosperity ~ Cleansing 

Dragon's Blood Sage  |  Power ~ Purification ~ Protection


Smudge sticks and Palo Santo are excellent ways to cleanse a room.

- make sure the windows are open to let the negativity out and the good vibes in and you have a fireproof container or your abalone shell. Light your smudge stick and blow it out if it catches fire, allow it to smolder.

Direct the smoke with your hand or a feather, and make sure to catch the ash. When you are done with the smudge stick, safely extinguish it.

Each stick can be used multiple times if not left to burn out..