Tangerine Quartz | Large A-Grade Points

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Passion | Creativity | Past-life Healing 

This gem activates the Sacral Chakra boosting drive, creativity, energy, sexuality and pleasure; adding the spark back to everything (from relationships to creative projects). It opens your spirit to new possibilities and helps you move through life more motivated and empowered. 

Containing all of the magic of Quartz, plus its own properties. Hematite and the present of water cause the orange color where it initially formed.

Tangerine quartz is a wonderful healing stone after trauma or shock. It is also used in past life healing and is beneficial in situations where the soul feels it has made a mistake that needs to be paid for. It leads to a more positive vibration in life as guilt and the need for reparation is released. 


Origin: Brazil
Crystal System: Hexagonal
Chakra: Sacral and Base Chakra 
Zodiac: Leo, Capricorn and Libra









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